What is Drawtify?

Drawtify is a software development company specializing in graphic design. Its first online graphic design software (Drawtify Online Graphic Designer) was officially released in 2020.

Drawtify Online Graphic Designer

The Drawtify Online Graphic Designer was developed by Drawtify, Inc. It is a full-featured graphic design software based on vector editing. Referred to as Drawtify. With vector editor, layout, photo editing, and typography. It applies to all platforms. Run the website https://drawtify.com.

Drawtify Online Graphic Designer

An online alternative to CorelDraw

Drawtify can be used almost without learning. It simplifies professional design functions, integrates rich online resources, and provides rich editable templates. So now everyone can create engaging designs like professional designers.

Like CorelDraw, Drawtify is a complete graphic design software based on vector editing. Designing vivid graphics is easier thanks to the included collection of online resources, rich editable templates, and powerful plug-ins.

Drawtify can do what other online design software cannot do. For example vector editing, special effects, custom animations, path text, textured text, borders, powerful gradient colors, QR codes, charts, maps, and much more.

Drawtify Editor

Scope of application

Serving graphic designers, editors, and brand owners, and everyone who needs beautiful graphics.

Therefore, you (including non-designers) can use it to quickly create beautiful graphics. Including brand logos, business, marketing, social media images, and digital publications, and even animation and micro-interaction graphics.

What are advantages?

Drawtify is online graphic design software. No need to download and install. Therefore, you can quickly create beautiful graphics anytime, anywhere.

  • Online graphic design software, so no installation is required. Of course, you can also download apps for Mac and Windows.

  • 100% online vector editor, like online CorelDraw.

  • Friendly user interface. And intuitive and easy to use without the learning curve.

  • All design functions and tools are free.

  • A wealth of online resources & powerful design plugins. And no longer to work across platforms.

  • Import and export multiple formats, JPG, PNG, PDF, and SVG.

  • Export animation to GIF, APNG, SVG Animation, and video(MP4 or WebP).