4. How to add text and text art effects?

Easier text input and more stunning text art effects

Click "Text",
and then click the appropriate location on the canvas to add text. If you hold down the left mouse button, you can drag to add a text box. You can enter text via the keyboard, or you can enter via "Paste".
Add text
When you click "Text", the text inspector is called up. You can easily set the text and add artistic effects.
text inspector

4-1. Basic text settings:

Basic text settings
font, You can freely choose among hundreds of fonts, and you can change them with one click.
Regular, You can add several formats such as bold, italic, thin, regular, etc. to the text.
size, spacing, and line height.
alignment, underline,
case conversion , serial number, text box.

4-2. Text color fill:

You can fill text and stroke. Including: monochrome filling, gradient color filling, and image filling (the specific operation is the same as that of background color filling). Of course, you can also set the size of the contour.

4-3. Text To Path:

Click "Text Path", you can text artistic typesetting. For example,
"Path Preset", "Edit path",
"Path To Text", "Path Include Text".
Of course, you can also directly click
"Convert text to shape".
Start shape editing, for example:
"Edit Path", "3D Stretch", etc.
Text To Path:Example

4-4. Add special effects to text:

"Node Filter" to add artistic effects to the text, and use "Filter Template"
to easily obtain filter effects with one click.
"Blend Mode"
to add a montage effect to the text.
Add artistic effects to text
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