5. How to add shapes and shape effects?

Intelligent shape drawing and rich special effects

Click "Shape"
to draw and edit the shape. In Drawtify Designer, 9 basic shapes are built-in.

5-1. Smart Shape Drawing:

On this basis, you can perform smart shape editing in the "shape inspector".
Add Shape
Of course, you can also select the desired shape in the
"icon" library, use it directly, or modify it.

5-2. Shape color fill:

You can fill shape and stroke. Including: monochrome filling, gradient color filling, and image filling (the specific operation is the same as that of background color filling). Of course, you can also set the
transparency and set the size of the outline.

5-3. Shape To Path:

"Edit Path" or double-click the shape to edit and
modify. And end by right-clicking.
"Path to Outline" to quickly obtain the
outline of the shape and support re-editing.
"Split Path" to break the complex shape into multiple separate paths
for easier and accurate editing.
For multiple shapes, you can click the
"Boolean" operation in the toolbar, and through
5 different superposition combinations, you can get a brand new shape, and then you can edit it again.
Boolean operation
Of course, you can also open
"3D Extrude"
, adjust the value, and add 3D effects to the shape.
Add 3D effects

5-4. Add special effects to shapes:

"Node Filter" to add special effects to the shape, and use "Filter Template"
to easily obtain filter effects with one click.
"Blend Mode"
to add a montage effect to the shape.
Add special effects to shapes
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