6. How to create vector graphics?

Create your own vector graphics

In Drawtify Designer, a complete vector editor is built in. Including
Boolean operation, and
icon library (including 10K+ vector shapes), and supports
importing SVG files.

6-1. Draw vector shapes

"Pen" or
"Pencil" to draw and vector graphics. For starters, the pen tool is more suitable for creating
shapes, and the pencil tool is more suitable for drawing
Of course, if you find it difficult or want to get vector graphics faster, then you can click on the icon library to find the most suitable chart for you, use it directly, or modify it.
In addition, the rational use of "Boolean operations" is also a solution for creating vector shapes. E.g:
Boolean operation
It is worth mentioning that most vector graphic designers, especially logo makers, like to use "letters" to obtain satisfactory vector graphics. E.g:
Click "Text", enter the letter "i", and click "Convert text to shape". Then, widen it moderately, double-click to edit the path, and get the ideal shape in a few easy steps.

6-2. Add colors or effects to vector graphics

Adding colors or effects to vector graphics is exactly the same as the previous article: "Add Shape and Artistic Effects".
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