How Does It Work?

Quickly create eye-catching graphics in minutes. Join Drawtify Designer. Start to enjoy the fun of creating beautiful images as easily as a designer.

Drawtify Designer is a full-featured graphic design software. But compared to other graphic applications, it is more intuitive and easy to use.

Especially its online version Drawtify Designer Online is the best solution for creating graphics for beginners or non-designers.

This instruction will briefly explain "how to use Drawtify Designer for design work" from the following points.

  1. How to start Drawtify Designer?

  2. How to create your design task?

  3. How to add background?

  4. How to add text and text art effects?

  5. How to add shapes and shape effects?

  6. How to create vector graphics?

  7. How to add images and image effects?

  8. How to create animation?

  9. How to save and preview?

  10. How to download, export and print animation?

  11. How to design online?

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