2. 7 Extended Graphic Design Features

2-1. Free Scaled

The canvas can be zoomed between 10% and 1200%. Then click to fit the page to fit the width. To zoom in to adjust the details, or zoom out to see the whole image.

2-2. Special Effects

Built-in node filters, image filters, and blending modes. You can add special effects to all design elements to get a more prominent visual effect.

2-3. Unlimited Layers

The unlimited layer setting is a necessary feature for designing more complex graphic content. For example, place on top, place on the bottom, move up, move down, lock, hide, etc.

2-4. 3D Effects

3D effects can make your subject more prominent. Drawtify Designer built-in 3D tools can help you easily achieve amazing 3D effects.

2-5. Multi-page Editing

Multi-page editing is a very useful design feature. For example, one-click of show double pages, first-page isolation, move up, move down, etc.

2-6. Rich Plug-ins

As a professional and easy-to-use full-featured graphic design APP, Drawtify Designer integrates a wealth of practical design plug-ins. For example bar codes, QR codes, charts, and maps. These plug-ins can not only quickly graph text and data. It also improves the carrying capacity and uniqueness of the content.

2-7. Online Resources

Drawtify Designer is an online graphic design software with rich built-in design resources. Including design elements, icon shapes, high-definition pictures (thanks to Pixabay, Unsplash), backgrounds, color schemes, etc. This will provide convenient work for graphic designers. In addition, its online version (Drawtify Designer Online) also provides high-quality editable design templates. This will provide the best solution for non-designers to create beautiful graphics.

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