Drawtify Designer Online's Interface

1. Anytime, anywhere! Start an online design task.

First, please log in to the Drawtify official website and click any "Start Design" icon to easily wake up the "Template Center" of Drawtify Designer.

Of course, you can also enter directly from the link https://drawtify.com/design.html#/ in the "Template Center". In the "Template center", even if you log in for the first time, you can freely browse all "Editable design templates".

Then, click on any "Editable Design Template" to start the design immediately and enter "Design Center". Of course, you can also click "New Blank" to select the desired standard size. Like the Mac and Windows versions, the online version also provides 4 categories (print, web, device, social), dozens of standard sizes. Can help you start designing faster. Or customize the size to enter "Design Center".

It is worth noting that if you are logging in for the first time, please use your email address to register. No need to worry, you can learn and try for free forever.

2. Log In Drawtify Designer Online

You can use your email to quickly register online to get a dedicated free Drawtify Designer Online account. Of course, you can also log in directly with your Google account or Facebook account.‌

Prompt: Your email is the final proof of your account. You can set a password during registration. Or change the login password when entering the dashboard.

3.Template Center

There are 6 functional areas in the template center of Drawtify Designer Online. They are:

  1. search engine

  2. Editable template navigation directory

  3. Create new task

  4. Editable template library

  5. User dashboard

  6. Username and related settings

3-1. Search engine

The site search engine is to help you quickly find suitable editable templates. You can search by typing in keywords. For example, logos, flyers, posters, infographics, or blue, red, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.

3-2. Editable template navigation directory

The editable template navigation directory contains two parts. The first is "Recent Files", which can help you quickly open recent files. The second is the category navigation of editable templates, which basically covers the design tasks of all categories you need to create. At present, it is divided into 4 categories, a total of 34 projects, and will be permanently updated.

3-3. Create new task

Click New Blank, Drawtify Designer online provides 4 categories, 49 standard sizes. Of course, you can also customize the start.

3-4. Editable template library

It contains 3000+ high-quality editable design templates created by professional designers and is constantly being updated. This not only provides help for graphic creators, but also provides the best solution for beginners (especially non-designers) to create beautiful graphics. You can refer to the creation, or directly modify, use, and no need to worry about any copyright issues.

3-5. User dashboard

This is a unique feature of the online version (Drawtify Designer Online).

The single "dashboard" is a dedicated storage space prepared by Drawtify Designer Online for each user. Here you can create folders, store or delete files, modify account information and view orders.

Here is the user name and account level. Click here to enter the dashboard, modify account information, upgrade account, and launch. Of course, users who log in for the first time will directly enter the registration interface.

4. Drawtify Designer Online's Toolbar

*For the same part, please see "For Mac & Windows".

5. Drawtify Designer Online's Toolbox

The toolbox of Drawtify Designer Online and the Mac and Windows versions of Drawtify Designer have changed their positions (layer list). However, 3 functions have been added.

*For the same part, please see "For Mac & Windows".

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