11. How to design online?

Drawtify Designer is a full-featured graphic design software. But Drawtify Designer Online is a simpler graphics solution, especially suitable for beginners or non-designers.

Drawtify Designer Online is very friendly and easy to operate. Usually, including non-designers, you can create beautiful graphic content in just 3 steps.

Of course, if you need more stunning visual effects, you need to do more.

But don't worry, because almost all design functions and effect tools of Drawtify Designer Online have been optimized, so basically one-click operation can be achieved.

Step 1: First browse the template

  1. Enter the design center. Choose design task items from over 30 thematic categories on the left.

  2. In the template display area on the right, select the desired template. Click to start your design task.

  3. Stimulate creativity. Of course, you can also browse all templates first to stimulate creativity. Then make your choice!

  4. Of course, you can also start by creating a blank file.

Step 2: Edit the design task.

Modify or add content in the Drawtify template or blank file. Including text, shape icons, pictures, backgrounds, colors, positions, layouts, and even all visual effects. Until satisfied.

  1. Text modification: Double-click the text in the template to edit and modify. Or add a new text by clicking the text tool. You can even use or modify the text style you like in the element library.

  2. Modify the shape icon: select the desired icon from the icon library, and then drag and drop it into the template to directly replace or add. You can click the "Shape" tool on the right for smart drawing.

  3. Picture modification: select the desired picture from the gallery, then drag and drop it into the template to directly replace or add. You can upload your own pictures by clicking the "Upload" tool on the left.

  4. Modify the background: select the background or picture texture from the gallery on the left, and then click to replace it. If you like a solid color or gradient background, you can use the "Background" tool at the top.

  5. Modify color, position, and layout: You can also click the corresponding tool to try and adjust. It is worth noting that you can use the smart layout function to make the image clearer.

  6. Preview, information correction, and file name: You can check by clicking "Preview" above to ensure that the design task is completed. For example, text correction, data correction, etc. If it is a print job, please open "Settings" in the upper right corner of the page, and then select "Print Bleeds". Of course, you can name the design task to make it easier to find.

Step 3: Save, download, print

You can save your work to the user center provided by Drawtify Designer Online for users. View, modify, or create folders, and even create brand libraries. Of course, you can also choose the format to download or print directly.

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