8. How to create animation?

Become an amazing animator

Everyone wants to attract people's attention through animation. For example, dynamic logos, icons, lines, shapes, titles, etc., and even fascinating videos. However, this will be expensive. Therefore, Drawtify Designer will be your fastest solution. Built-in animation editor, almost no learning curve. Therefore, you can quickly obtain custom animations.

Step 1: Open the animation editor

Click the elements in the canvas (including: text, shapes, icons, pictures), and then click
"Animator" in the toolbar to bring up the animation editor on the right.

Step 2: Add action

Select an action
(including 27 basic action instructions and 14 text action instructions) to call the corresponding action editor. Including:
Being, Length, Repeat, Space, Easing.

Step 3: Set motion data

    Being, set the start time of the action;
    Length, set the duration of one cycle of the action;
    Repeat, set the number of times the action is repeated, "0" means infinite loop;
    Space, set the interval of each action repeat;
    Easing, you can change the uniform speed to the corresponding speed.

Step 4: Animation preview

When you have completed the action settings, click
"Play" to check whether the action settings are in line with the assumptions for confirmation or modification.
It is worth noting that all actions can be superimposed. This will provide unlimited space for your animation creation. But you need to master the time setting.
In addition, for the
“Motion Path“, Shape As Path, Auto Rotate, and path editing are added.
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