1. 5 Main Graphic Design Features

1. 5 Main Graphic Design Features.

Whether it is Drawtify Designer 2020 for Windows and Mac, or Drawtify Designer Online for the Web. These 5 design features are exactly the same. Everyone can easily enjoy easy-to-use professional support.

1-1. Professional Vector Drawing Tools

Drawtify Designer has a built-in vector editor. Its professional vector drawing function is similar to CorelDRAW. E.g:

  • Use drawing tools (pen, pencil) to quickly customize the shape.

  • Use smart tools to draw regular shapes more easily.

  • You can select shapes in the resource library or import SVG files for re-editing.

  • Built-in Boolean operations can easily realize shape combination, subtraction, division, intersection, exclusion, etc.

  • Of course, you can also choose “color”, “gradient”, “image” to fill, and add effects to get a rich look.

For example, create illustrations, vector logos and unique fonts, shapes, mascots, symbols, etc.

1-2. Intuitive Animation (Motion Graphics) Editor

If you want to explain your product better or get attention on social media. Well, motion graphics is an excellent storyteller. Drawtify Designer includes an animation editor. It’s intuitive, rich motion instructions will help you quickly create eye-catching motion graphics. E.g:

  • Up to 27 basic movement instructions. Including: move along the path, fade in, fade out, blink, rotate, zoom, enter, exit, etc. Combined with simple settings, you can add amazing motion effects to photos, icons, shapes, lines, and text.

  • In addition, 14 text movement instructions will help you easily create richer dynamic text.

For example, dynamic logos, icons, lines, shapes, titles, etc., or even a fascinating video opening.

1-3. Powerful Photo Editor

Whether you select photos in the photo library or import photos, you can re-edit them with Drawtify Designer’s powerful and intuitive photo editor. E.g:

  • Use image filters to change the saturation, contrast, brightness, etc. of the photo. The filter template is preset during the lifetime, which can realize one-click operation.

  • Use node filters to add shadows, inner shadows, reflections, glows, inner glows, blurs, embossments, lights, tears, etc. to the photos.

  • The mask function can quickly adjust the partial cropping of the photo.

  • With the help of the shape library, one-click photo frame processing can be realized.

  • Combined with the vector editing function, you can easily achieve precise cropping and place photos into any shape.

  • Intuitive transparency tools and flip tools (vertical flip, horizontal flip) can better display your creativity.

  • Built-in photo blending mode, you can add montage effects to photos in one click.

Most of the stunning graphic content starts with photo editing. Combined with text, you will become the most dazzling visual hero.

1-4. Excellent Layout Function

Whether it’s text, icons, shapes, photos, or excellent layout functions, it can not only help you create more professional and neat graphics but also improve work efficiency. E.g:

  • Reference line, scaling, layer, alignment (top alignment, center alignment, bottom alignment, left alignment, center alignment, right alignment, horizontal spacing, vertical spacing, same width, same height), group, etc.

  • Of course, you can also use drag and drop to replace photos, icons, and shapes for a quick layout.

1-5. Advanced Typography Tools

Drawtify Designer has built-in advanced typography tools. Not only can routinely edit letters, words, keywords, and paragraphs, but also perform artistic processing. E.g:

  • Choose the font, font size, bold, italic, thin, underline, etc.

  • Use alignment, spacing, lists and fixed-width tools to quickly typeset.

  • Add “color”, “gradient” and “image” to the text to fill the text and outline.

  • Select “Text to Path” to change the text at will.

  • The “text path” function can realize unique artistic typesetting.

  • Of course, apply node filters, transparency, blending modes and flip functions, etc. It will show your unique charm.

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